Philippines Offshore Staffing Solutions

We provide a full-service solution for companies who are seeking to gain a competitive advantage through offshore talent. Our unique business model allows you to build your team in the Philippines, without sacrificing your own management culture.

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How It Works

Learn how 50x Digital can help you build an offshore team that grows with your business.

Identifying your needs

Identifying your needs

We work with you to identify your needs (how many people, what skillsets, budget). Once we fully understand your needs, we will provide you a proposal and start the recruitment process.

Recruiting qualified talent

Recruiting qualified talent

Our recruitment team screens applicants and refer potential candidates to you. You can interview the candidates to make an informed decision about the hiring process.

Setting up office space

Setting up office space

Your team will be placed in a shared office space with the necessary equipment so they can roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Communicating with your team

Communicating with your team

You can communicate with your team using your preferred communication channel.

Managing payroll for your team

Managing payroll for your team

We take care of your team’s payroll and any employee paperwork so you can focus on growing your business and managing your team.

Building your dedicated team

Building your dedicated team

You have complete control of the day-to-day activities and goals of your team. During the first 2-3 months, we provide onboarding and training support until you are fully comfortable working with your team.

Why Build an Offshore Team in the Philippines?

Cost Savings

Labor costs are lower in the Philippines. You can find the right talent and scale efficiently while keeping costs down.

English Skills

English is widely spoken at home, in schools, and in the workplace. Filipinos have a neutral accent that is easily understood.

Highly college educated

Over 700,000 students graduate from universities every year with degrees in IT, Marketing, and other areas.

Strong familiarity with U.S. market

Filipinos are familiar with U.S. marketing & design trends which allows you to integrate your offshore team naturally.

Large talent pool

There is a huge pool of highly-skilled talent in the Philippines ranging from IT, online marketers, and more.

Strong tech culture

With the high demand for tech jobs, many Filipinos are building their careers and honing their skills around this industry.


  • What is my offshore staff’s working hours?

    Online marketing team members work from 3 p.m. - 12 a.m. PST. Customer service staff are more flexible and can work during the hours required by the client including US holidays.

  • What happens if my offshore employee doesn’t meet my expectations?

    Sometimes an offshore employee doesn’t work out just like it can when you hire someone locally. When this happens, we will take care of all the legal paperwork for terminating an employee and find you a replacement.

  • Who manages my offshore staff?

    You manage your staff’s day-to-day activities just as you would manage your team members in-house.

  • How do I pay my offshore staff?

    You will receive a monthly invoice which is a flat-rate fee per employee that covers compensation, benefits, and management fee. We take care of your team’s payroll.


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